“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

Kurt Vonnegut

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“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

Kurt Vonnegut


Internet Launches

Experienced Internet Launch Manager, managing all aspects of web based marketing launches for clients with online courses and trainings.

Digital Plaform Management

Managing digital platforms for clients including websites, webinars, social media, and email campaigns, allowing clients to focus on delivering their services.

Website Design

Designing websites and landing pages for solo creators. I focus on creating websites that are simple, user friendly, and perfectly optimized for mobile platforms.

Marketing Strategy

Helping clients grow their businesses through creative marketing strategies. I also help design better experiences for my clients’ customers.

Event Promotion

Organizing, promoting, and producing live events including music concerts, health and wellness seminars, and political and activist campaign events.

Sacred Space Facilitation

Facilitating of online sacred spaces for small groups. I create a safe environment in which each participant can freely express themselves and receive healing.

Project Examples

Marketing Launch

My client was offering an advanced energy healing course with a fee of over $1,000. I organized a promotional launch with a free mini-course that resulted in all 20 course seats being sold. Over 350 registerd for the free intro.

Political Campaign

As provincial campaign manager for a national political party in Canada I managed the campaigns of five candidates as well as all provincial media events.  The campaign achieved widespread media attention. 

Concert Promotion

I promoted and produced two concerts with sacred music superstar Snatam Kaur in 2008 and 2009. The two concerts here in Iowa were very well attended and received outstanding accolades from the public.

Website Redesign

I am currently redesigning the website of a signficant non-profit cultural organization in California. I am focusing on improving the usability, mobile accessibility, and branding of the website.

Group Coaching

During the pandemic I facilitated a group sacred circle meeting every Sunday on Zoom. I gave a group energy healing as well as faciliting an open circle sharing experience. Members reported positive changes in their lives.

Podcast Show

I’ve created a podcast show “Soul Family Chat” that is published on Youtube and other major podcast channels. It’s an interview show with the theme of “exploring new possibilities for a new earth.”

Education and Studies

Bachelors Degree in Cinema Studies, African Studies and French (1987)

Certified Quantum Life Coach (2015)

Certified Divine Mother Energy Healer (2018)

Vedic Science of Consciousness (35 years)

Digital Media (25 years)

Fluent in French language


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Nature Walks

Connecting with nature is a high priority for me. I have a very intimate relationship with trees. There is a 1,000 acre wood near my home which I walk in frequently. Often I am the only person there. This is life for me.


I’ve enjoyed photography since my early 20s when I used my dad’s Pentax 35 mm camera. My favorite subjects are trees, abandoned Iowa, and my local area. Photography allows me to pay closer attention to the wonder that surrounds us.

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Swimming and Kayaking

I love nothing more than to be in or on the water. Though I’ve been fortunate to swim often in the beautiful lakes of Canada, these days I swim in ponds in Iowa. Surprisingly a rain filled pond can be as invigorating as any body of water.

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Even though I don’t play an instrument, music has always been a passion for me. My brother introduced me to the wonderful sounds of Motown and Reggae. I have produced music concerts and and worked as a tour manager.

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International Cinema

I have a minor degree in cinema studies from Quebec and developed a deep appreciation for French and international cinema. I especially enjoy 1980s European directors. Diva and Paris Texas are two of my favorite films of the era.

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I grew up in England and watching and playing soccer was a big part of my life. My dad took us to many top flight professional games. I’ve been to two World Cup finals and a European Cup final and to the Euro 2004 in Portugal!

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